Cadillac BottleAromachology brings branded gifts for employees to your corporate events. We come to your corporate event and create custom perfumes and colognes for your employees, tailored to their unique personalities. You don’t have to worry about where to buy corporate gifts for your valued employees. Giving your employees custom-made scents – and letting them choose the scents they desire – can surely make them happy.

The fun begins when you call on perfume experts Kirsten Menkes and Ashlee Firsten to grace your event. There, they will introduce to you their perfumery world, which is based on the science of aromachology. It’s not a made up term; it’s actually a study on the influence of odors on human behavior.

Aromachology – the science – also examines the relationship between emotions and feelings like exhilaration, relaxation, happiness, sensuality, and well-being. Such feelings are brought on by the odors that stimulate the brain’s olfactory pathways, and especially the limbic system.

Various wearers of the scent are believed to have unique psychological and physiological responses to scents. Enough of the science, though. Let’s go to the process of how to make your events’ guests and employees satisfied.

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    The Aromachology Process

    At your corporate event, Aromachology stylists set up the Perfume Bar. The company can gracefully handle intimate events like a cocktail soiree with friends to full-scale corporate parties filled with hundreds of guests. While it would be fun to get that bottle of designer perfume, nothing is more fun than having your own custom perfume.

    JS Custom Label 2At the Perfume Bar, the first thing to do is to pick out the size of your perfume bottle. Aromachology offers various bottle sizes, ranging from 1.7-oz. to 3.4-oz. Regardless of the size, you are sure to walk away with an elegant bottle filled with the scent that suits your personality.

    The next step is to choose your base, which is the scent’s heart that stays with you. Depending on your desire, you can choose from among base scents like totally edible, sophisticated & sensual, exotic & spicy, bold & brisk, and clean & fresh. Remember, the base is what characterizes you the most. So choose it properly.

    The next step is choosing your top notes, the first thing that you get a whiff of upon application. There are many scents to choose from, including peaceful, spontaneous, courageous, seductive, empowering, and uplifting, among many others. After you have chosen your base notes and top notes, the perfume is mixed and placed in your bottle of choice.

    Best of all, you also get to name your scent. Nothing gets more personal than that. With your perfume bottle that contains your customized scent, you get to feel your host’s appreciation of you as a person and as an employee.

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    With Aromachology at your corporate event, you have discovered the perfect way to scintillate, excite, and entertain your clients and employees – young and old, male and female. Before their very eyes, captivate them with the creation of their personal freshly-blended scent.

    As an employee or guest of the corporate event, see what is entailed to make your own scent. When you have your scent, you can leave the event knowing you have walked away with a unique and beautiful aroma that’s only yours. That’s the beauty of personalized branded gifts for employees courtesy of Aromachology.