Previous bridesmaids, sisters and friends will understand the agony that follows the initial excitement of planning a bridal shower. There are crucial steps to be taken in planning an event only second to the wedding, however, things are never as easy as they seem – or as they may look on Pinterest. Your first thoughts are the big ideas – decorations, food and games, which don’t sound daunting at all. But when it comes to party favors, a late night spent making dozens of take-home trinkets for your guests can result in complete anguish and failure at the eleventh hour. Thankfully, Aromachology is here to alleviate the stress that comes along with the pesky logistics of planning the perfect bridal shower.


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    Chanel_MinibottleAt Aromachology, we believe our service of creating a high-quality personalized scent for your event is a wonderful way for your guests tobond and share a memory. We know your cousins may not be acquainted with your college friends, so we make it fun by connecting women through the art of and science of designing a personal fragrance.

    So how does it work? Our Stylists will set up our portable Perfume Bar in any given space, whether it’s your living rom or a party hall. And whatever you’re feeling – calm, peaceful, uplifted – we have a scent to compliment just about any sensation. We make it easy for your guests to create their perfect scent like no other, freshly concocted on the spot. Not only do we offer superior service with our portable Fragrance Bar, but we also accommodate those looking to order online for a number of orders.

    Your bridal shower symbolizes an important milestone in your life, and sharing that moment with the ones you love is deserving of a little indulgence. We understand the stress and disorganization that comes along with planning a bridal shower, and we believe that enjoyment should be your first and only feeling. So with our wide range of bottle sizes and customization options, our main goal is to add a new level of luxury and personalization to your event.

    With your bridal shower, not only can your guests take photos as memories – but they can also take home a custom scent that will forever remind them of your special day. Forget the mason jar-filled body scrubs and complicated gift bags, which might as well scream basic. Aromachology gives your guests a little something special they can spritzon for your wedding, or even just for everyday wear.