bridal-shower-gifts-guestsBridal shower gifts for guests are a perfect way to cap your wonderful event. Aromachology joins you at your bridal shower, connects with your guests and creates a custom made perfume to suit your guest’s individual personality. If you want something unique to give to your guests, there’s no better way to show your appreciation for them than by giving out personalized scents.

Custom-blended scents are becoming popular, and one of the companies handing out those services is Aromachology. Aside from being a brand, Aromachology is a science revolving around how scents effect behavior.

The psychology of aromas – aromachology – studies the relation between scents and psychology. The science’s key benefits are primarily related to the emotions of: happiness, relaxation, self-confidence, and sensuality.

With scents by Aromachology, the company, your delighted guests would feel highly appreciated and they also go home with a scent that is customized for them. The experience of giving beautiful scents in an equally beautiful bottle starts with a call to Aromachology.

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    The Process

    Aromachology caters to events as small as intimate family gatherings to as large as corporate events. So, Aromachology handling a bridal shower event shouldn’t be a problem. The company brings everything they need to the event, so you’ll be seeing your perfume blended right before your eyes.

    During the event, Aromachology sets up a custom Perfume Bar. With its dazzling display of elegant glass and an array of colors and scents, it won’t be long before guests surround the bar. While you would love a bottle of that expensive designer perfume, there’s nothing more personal than a perfume made just for you, based on your personality and your choices.

    interactive-event-ideasThroughout the entire perfume-making process, you get to discover your personality and style. The first step is selecting your perfume base and you can choose from a host of scents that include sophisticated & sensual, exotic & spicy, totally edible, bold & brisk, and clean & fresh. Choose one base that suits you best.

    The next step is choosing your top notes, and you can choose up to three notes. The notes are the things you smell upon applying the perfume. Some of the scintillating notes include peaceful, comforting, optimistic, open-minded, creative, and sexy, among many other notes. Such notes also are a reflection of your personality, and you are reminded of who you are or who you want to be.

    After choosing your scents, pick out the bottle size. Sizes range from 1.7-oz. (50ml) to 3.4-oz. (100ml). After you have done so, witness the magic happen as Aromachology combines scents that are to your liking. When the process is done, you now have a beautiful beribboned glass bottle.

    Moreover, Aromachology can also customize your bottle. You can provide a name for it, and you can adorn it with caps or flowers and placed in pretty bags. It’s all up to you.

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    A bridal shower is equally memorable as the actual wedding; thus, it warrants a side event that would add to the excitement. Aromachology, which caters to that need, has conceptualized self-expression that enables event guests to discover their distinct personality through scent. As the host of the event, choosing Aromachology to provide bridal shower gifts for guests is one of the best things to show how you value them.