Once the presentations and chitchat are over and done with, the typical corporate event sends you home with a generic gift bag at the end of the evening. Sometimes they contain things like stationery items, coupons or maybe even a box of sweets with a printed company logo. But which of those items resonates long-term with an audience you’re attempting to influence? Something as simple as a party favor can go a long way in immortalizing your event, especially when it’s uniquely personalized to your guests. Aromachology comes to your corporate event and creates custom perfumes and colognes for the attendees.


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    Engagement is key to a prosperous future, whether it’s your social life or your work life. And what most can agree on is that your corporate event should bring people together in an interactive and exciting way. At Aromachology, we believe our service of bringing high-quality personalized scents to your event is an excellent way to break the ice with your peers or bond with your superiors.

    For us, adding a bit of fun and flair to your event comes naturally with our informative and entertaining Stylists. And with our wide range of bottle sizes and customization options, our main goal is to add a new level of luxury and personalization to your event. Our Stylists will set up our portable Perfume Bar or Cologne Bar in any given space, whether an intimate setting or a larger occasion. We can educate on the art and science of making your own fragrance, regardless of the crowd size. Our custom Fragrance Bar draws a crowd of both men and women of various ages to easily create their perfect scent, freshly concocted on the spot.And whatever you’re feeling – calm, peaceful, uplifted – we have a scent to compliment just about any sensation, as well as a hassle-free payment system to make the transactions quick and simple.

    Like an old photograph or song, certain scents also remind us of the lasting memories – bringing us back to a familiar time or place. And if our memories are some of the most cherished things in life, why not use our sense of smell as another enjoyable way to remember an important event?We understand that a lot of hard work and planning goes into your fundraisers or parties, which is why our services are a wonderful addition you don’t have to worry about. With Aromachology, you can still mingle at the bar – with the greater exception of your order lasting a lot longer than a beverage.