Aromachology offers a unique interactive event ideas fit for a wide range of events from black tie affairs to even bridal showers. Aromachology comes to your event and creates custom made colognes and perfumes for your guests. This is a great way to show your guests that you truly care about them by allowing them to take home something unique and personal.


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    What Is Aromachology?

    Aromachology is a fun yet elegant company that offers customized fragrance selections for ladies. They create fresh perfumes according to the customer’s personality and style. They allow the lady to identify her own personality, embrace her unique attributes, and select the scents that best represent her spirit.

    Aromachology’s Customized Perfume Services

    Aromachology treats each woman to a delightfully empowering experience by letting her create personalized scents. Creating a custom perfume is done through a simple three-way process:

    • Scent Profiling

    The customer fills up a short ten-item questionnaire that reveals their style preferences and personality. This gives the staff an inkling on what scent best suits the customer.

    • Selecting the Base Scent

    The staff and customer choose a base scent that fits the customer’s personality. The choice is grounded on the scent profile results. There are five scents with corresponding personalities to match:

      • Sophisticated and Sensual – Floral and girly scents for the blooming lady.
      • Totally Edible – Gourmand scents for the happy-go-lucky food lover.
      • Clean and Fresh – A subtle scent for the spick-and-span lady.
      • Exotic and Spicy – Oriental scents for the one-of-a-kind woman.
      • Bold and Brisk – Woodsy notes perfect for the adventurous spirit.
    • Top Notes Selection

    The first scented whiff a woman notices upon perfume application is called the top note. Aromachology lets their customers select up to three top notes for their perfumes. Top notes are named after various attributes and are grouped according to the fragrance they emit:

      • Soft Floral Blends:Chanel_Minibottle
    • Peaceful
    • Comforting
    • Graceful
    • Uplifting
      • Fresh, Bright and Citrusy Scents:
        • Spontaneous
        • Optimistic
        • Inspiring
      • Sweet Citrus Blends:
        • Empowering
        • Open-Minded
      • Deep Musky Scents:
        • Courageous
        • Confident
        • Creative
      • Floral and Musk Combinations:
        • Sensual
        • Seductive
        • Sexy

    What Happens Next?

    After finalizing the fragrance, the perfume is then blended and poured into bottles. Customized perfumes are available in travel sprayer bottles, mini giveaway bottles and/or beautiful 50mL or 100mL glass bottles. Customers also have the option of naming their newly made scents.

    Aromachology stores each customer’s file so that perfume blending is easier when a customer orders another bottle of their previous fragrance mix.

    Aromachology Perfume Bar for Events

    Thinking of a unique giveaway for an event? Want to spice up an ordinary event with an extraordinary booth? Then the Perfume Bar from Aromachology might do the job.

    Aromachology sets up a mini-perfume bar for a client’s event, and offers their guests a unique interactive experience as they get to create personalized perfumes on-the-spot. The Perfume Bar contains fragrance dispensers, the five base notes, fifteen top note choices and bottle packaging with options for names and logo additions.

    Aside from the customized perfumes, the Aromachology Perfume Bar also features products such as liquid hand soaps and aromatherapy candles.

    The Aromacholgy Perfume Bar is one of the great interactive event ideas that clients can use to spice up their gatherings. Not only will they provide a one-of-a-kind event experience for their guests, they’ll also help in making ladies appreciate their beauty and individuality.