1.7 oz Exotic & Spicy Perfume


Truly exotic, this seductive oriental fragrance is alluring, with a mix of nutmeg, black pepper and honeysuckle, to give your day a kick of spice.

Our 20% higher oil load (than traditional eau de parfums), makes for a longer lasting scent. All Aromachology fragrances are designed for layering, so feel free to start creating your own unique blends.


Top: Honeysuckle, rose and pink jasmine

Mid: Peony, gardenia, orange blossom and ginger

Bottom: Musk, sandalwood, moss, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper

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2 reviews for 1.7 oz Exotic & Spicy Perfume

  1. Frances Sutherland

    This gorgeous perfume smells like a warm embrace or a luxuriously soft cashmere sweater on a fall day. My favorite fragrance ever.

  2. Ashley

    I freaking love this perfume, I got it in my ipsy bag and needed it. I ended up getting it for Valentine’s day and got the additional sample with it, well, my goodness the sensual one is also amazing. I love this exotic and spicy sent on my skin, I was however thrown off by it before applying it. You never do know how something will smell on your skin

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