Fragrance Blending Collection


Fragrance is a personal statement; a vehicle for self-expression. The Aromachology Fragrance Blending Collection rollerballs can each be worn alone or layered to create a truly one of a kind custom fragrance. Try our ‘starter blends’ on the Recipe Card and invent your own custom blends and keep track of what you love! We want you to PLAY, DISCOVER & BLEND!

5 x 0.17oz eau de parfum rollerballs

No more department stores, mass fragrances, and outrageous price tags for scents. Try our Perfume kit for 5 individual scents or to create something custom.

1 review for Fragrance Blending Collection

  1. aromacadmin

    The best to try a variety of fragrances and I actually mix between the different ones. Love it!

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