Totally Edible Gourmand Body Lotion


This intensely nourishing, all over hand & body cream, combines rich nutrients and vitamins to leave long-lasting moisture. Non-greasy and fast absorbing Coconut Oil and Shea Butter allow for enhanced hydration. Our natural pearl powder contains over a dozen essential amino acids and minerals that are intended to help with skin brightening, healing and cell renewal. Smooth and soft, the ingredients from the protein-rich pearls help to reveal your naturally radiant healthy look.

Addictive and whimsical, this gourmand fragrance, with a curious blend of vanilla, cocoa and chocolate, will satisfy your sweet tooth!  With your first whiff this mouth-watering caramel, chocolate and vanilla you will be immediately intoxicated.


Top: raspberry, Sicilian orange and bergamot

Mid: lily of the valley, lemon drop and apple

Bottom: vanilla, musk, sugar cane and chocolate

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