Chanel_MinibottleAromachology offers truly unique bridal shower ideas by joining you at your bridal shower and creating custom made perfumes (or colognes) for your guests. This is a great way to show your guests you deeply care and appreciate them. Your guest will have their very own custom made perfume within about 5 minutes, after filling out a quick quiz and selecting their notes. It’s fun, interactive and truly unique!

Do you know what aromachology means? It’s the scientific study of how scents effect behavior. We have tailored our scents to give off an array of emotions, from confident to happy, relaxed, sensuality and more.

The scents we create which are tailored to your guests feelings and emotions leave your guests gratified. They get to go away with a bottle of a custom made, unique perfume or cologne that they created.

We create a unique and memorable moment for your guests. Once they get to take home their new lovely, unique scent, they will certainly remember the day they got to create it.

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    ashleeAromachology has been the subject of large corporate events, as well as smaller bridal showers, weddings and get-togethers. All we need is small area of the venue to set up, you don’t need to lift a finger.

    Once we have set up our unique and eye-catching Perfume Bar, it doesn’t take long for your guests to be intrigued and naturally gather around.

    Your guests get to explore the world of Aromachology first hand. They get to sniff out their favourite scents from our personally, tailored down favourites and select the notes that suit them best. Step 1 is choosing your base scent, from sophisticated to exotic, to bold, fresh and more.

    Step 2 is selecting your “notes”. Notes are the scent you smell upon applying the perfume to your body. You get to choose up to 3 because less is more! Some of our guest’s favourite notes are peaceful, optimistic, creative and sexy. The notes should be a reflection of the vibe you want to give off.

    Your guests get to go home with a bottle of their newly custom made and unique perfume, guaranteed to make them remember the day they got to create the scent.

    Aromachology can also customize the bottle to suit your bridal shower.

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    Aromochology is eager to spice up your bridal shower and truly turn it into a unique idea. We are a new age, unique company who know how to treat your guests with elegance. We look forward to joining you at your bridal shower and making it an event to remember.

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    With Aromachology at your corporate event, you have discovered the perfect way to scintillate, excite, and entertain your clients and employees – young and old, male and female. Before their very eyes, captivate them with the creation of their personal freshly-blended scent.

    As an employee or guest of the corporate event, see what is entailed to make your own scent. When you have your scent, you can leave the event knowing you have walked away with a unique and beautiful aroma that’s only yours. That’s the beauty of personalized branded gifts for employees courtesy of Aromachology.