At Aromachology, our goal is to revolutionize the artistic experience of creating and enjoying fragrance. We believe everyone should be able to create their own unique scent that embodies their personality and individuality. Order quantities of our fragrances online, or simply have us at your next event as a fun and interactive experience for you and your guests.



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    Interactive Corporate Events

    For corporate events, our Stylists will set up our portable Perfume Bar or Cologne Bar in any given space, whether an intimate setting or a larger occasion. We can educate on the art and science of making your own fragrance, regardless of the crowd size. And whatever you’re feeling – calm, peaceful, uplifted – we have a scent to compliment just about any sensation, as well as a hassle-free payment system to make the transactions quick and simple. For us, adding a bit of fun and flair to your event comes naturally with our informative and entertaining Stylists. And with our wide range of bottle sizes and customization options, our main goal is to add a new level of luxury and personalization to your event.

    Bridal Showers

    If there’s one thing bridal parties shouldn’t stress planning, it’s the party favors that can take hours to create. At Aromachology, we believe our service of creating a high-quality personalized scent for your event is a wonderful way for your guests to bond and share a memory. We know your cousins may not be acquainted with your college friends, so we make it fun by connecting women through the art of designing a personal fragrance. Not only do we offer superior service with our portable Fragrance Bar, but we also accommodate those looking to order online for a number of orders.

    So how does it work? Our Stylists come to your bridal shower to set up our portable Perfume Bar in your living rom or a party hall. We make it easy for your guests to create their perfect scent like no other, freshly concocted on the spot.


    There’s nothing more meaningful than celebrating the anniversary of a loved one – they embody years of love and memories. Aromachology is the perfect service to have at your anniversary, allowing your guests to bottle up a personal scent to remind them of your wonderful day. Our custom Fragrance Bar draws a crowd of both men and women of various ages to easily create their perfect scent.