Aromachology is a company that comes to Bridal Showers at a venue anywhere across North America and sets up an eloquent and beautiful custom perfume bar at your event.  It is an exceptional crowd pleaser and captures the essence of your magical day in a memorable way.



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    The Bridal Shower is an equally important day as the Wedding. It is an exciting, special event full of blessings, love, laughter, and gifts for the Bride showered by her family and friends. A festive celebration that is remembered alongside the Wedding for a lifetime. A genuine unforgettable way to show appreciation and gratitude to the guests who are part of this special day is by giving them a thank you gift that is fun, unique, and personalized.  You might be wondering, “How can I do this?” Well that’s simple and easy.

    JS Custom Label 2This is done through the creation of their very own unique scent blend, a perfume or cologne that is freshly created on the spot before their very eyes. Not only is this a one of a kind thank you gift but also an interactive activity for the guests to enjoy. This concept is perfect for Bridal Showers all year around any season, indoors or outdoors, for both males and females, young and old. It can be incorporated into any Bridal Shower theme and it says something unique to reflect the Brides personality!

    The scent is created by the guest in a quick 3 step process beginning with a 10 question ‘Scent Profile, then choosing the Base for your composition which is the heart of your scent that stays with you.  Then selecting 3 Top Notes, which is the first thing you smell upon application, and Voila- your own custom fragrance.  In addition, Aromachology offers custom logos on the bottle, custom bar branding (example: Michelle’s Perfume Bar), and custom bags, caps, and ribbons.  When you happen to run out of your customized scent, not to worry Aromachology keeps your personalized blend on file for you.

    sophisticated_bottleAromachology revolutionizes the way you wear your scent by creating an experience where you go on an adventure by exploring and engaging with your senses to create a scent that conveys your personality and identity proudly.

    Scent is an important accessory and extension of our personality as it reveals our individuality without saying a word.  The beauty in creating a fragrance lies in the adventure of unfolding and tapping into our inner self to create a masterpiece that embraces our emotions, memory, inspiration, mystery, and passions captured in a scent.

    Scent transforms us through time and space it captures and creates beautiful moments than we can wear! The perfect way to cherish these memories of your Bridal Shower is by capturing them in a customized bottle of perfume or cologne that your guests can take away and remember your special day each time they spray it. A gift that lasts in their hearts forever! Aromachology is the perfect gift that makes your Bridal Shower memories come to life that is created by you, for you. Play. Discover. Blend!