3.4 oz Exotic & Spicy Perfume


Truly exotic, this seductive oriental fragrance is alluring, with a mix of nutmeg, black pepper and honeysuckle, to give your day a kick of spice.

Our 20% higher oil load (than traditional eau de parfums), makes for a longer lasting scent. All Aromachology fragrances are designed for layering, so feel free to start creating your own unique blends.


Top: Honeysuckle, rose and pink jasmine

Mid: Peony, gardenia, orange blossom and ginger

Bottom: Musk, sandalwood, moss, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper

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  1. Heidi Swenson

    I am extremely fussy about fragrance but this is intoxicating!!! I can’t stop smelling my wrist!!! Beautiful, sexy, clean, intoxicating!! Trust me these are not the words I would use very often!! I’m in love!!!

  2. Maxermoo

    I have to agree with Heidi Swenson’s review. I’m extremely picky about fragrance because most of it is too cloyingly sweet or smells like nasty pesticide on me. This scent reminds me very much of a perfume I wore in the early 80s that was almost immediately discontinued. I was devastated when I finally ran out of it, so imagine my surprise and glee when I smelled this! It’s the perfect balance of sweet, spicy, warm, delicious and earthy. It’s the kind of fragrance people will follow you around to ask what you’re wearing. I’m hooked. I could smell like this forever.

  3. Melanie

    Don’t be fooled! When you first smell it from the bottle, you might find that the notes compete with each other. Put it on and as it blends with your own chemistry, however, you will be thrilled at this mysterious & compelling fragrance ! I love it now and at first, I didn’t! So, give a go –

  4. Sarah

    Definitely my favorite ‘go to’ perfume’! Especially in the colder months….the fragrance still have such a presence. I guess its the high oil content. I was first turned onto this as a sample i received in a monthly beauty package and have purchased at least 3 LARGE bottles since then! People ask me all the time why I smell so good. Cannot wait until aromachology has the candles back in stock!!

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